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Homeowners Insurance --- It’s Like Having To Clean Your Plate

Were you ever told to clean your plate? It was one of the worst things that could happen to ruin a perfectly good mealtime. It wasn’t that you were too full. It’s just that you had already eaten all the good stuff, and usually what was left on the plate was the stuff you didn’t really want (like vegetables). You couldn’t wait to dig into that piece of chocolate cake or bowl of ice cream. But if you wanted dessert, you had to clean your plate.

It’s kinda the same with Homeowners Insurance.

If you’re a homebuyer, by the time you get to this point in the process of buying a home, you’ve already experienced all the good stuff – finding the perfect house, loan approval, passing inspection, move-in date established, etc. But you still have to finish the process before you can close on the home, and that includes securing a Homeowners Insurance policy.

Which can feel like being told you have to clean your plate before you get to close on your home.

Maybe you’re an existing homeowner or renter who wants to compare and shop policies. All you want is a quick snack, a few quotes and comparisons, and maybe a couple of brownies. But here you are.

And some insurance salesperson is telling you that you have to clean your plate before you can leave the table.

Welcome to AmeriFirst Insurance! We’ve turned the tables upside down – both literally and metaphorically.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, we make it super simple to secure the best policy for your unique situation and need.

While we have clients who prefer face-to-face (or phone-to-phone) contact from start to finish, we also have those who prefer to fill out the convenient online form and see real-time information regarding coverage amounts.

Two Main Texas Homeowners Insurance Policy Types

All-Risk Policy

Want the broadest type of comprehensive coverage known to man? Then you will want an all-risk insurance policy (also referred to as an "open perils policy") that provides a type of comprehensive coverage that offers the broadest protection there is. This type of policy provides coverage for everything that isn't specifically excluded by the policy. Your AmeriFirst agent can give you more information about any possible exclusion.

Named Perils Policy

A named perils policy costs less than an all-risk policy, but provides less coverage than an all-risk (open perils) policy. Instead of providing comprehensive coverage, this policy extends only to perils named specifically in the policy. Makes sense right?

Difference Between Actual Cash Value and Replacement Cost

This is where it gets a little boring, but we have to give you this information anyway.

In the event of damage or destruction, a homeowners or renters insurance policy may either pay the actual cash value of a property or the replacement cost of that property.

A policy that covers the actual cash value of property will examine the actual cost of rebuilding or replacing the damaged or destroyed property (less depreciation), and will consider factors such as age and deterioration. If your policy only provides coverage for the actual cash value, you may not be able to recoup enough money to rebuild your home if it is destroyed.

A homeowners or renters insurance policy that provides coverage for the replacement cost of property doesn't extend coverage to the cost of land. It does, however, provide coverage for the cost of rebuilding a home based on the current cost of construction. If you are uncertain about the cost of rebuilding your home, your AmeriFirst independent agent can help.

A Few Other Things You Need To Know

Dwelling Insurance – Pays for damage or destruction to a home, as long as either results from a covered loss

Personal Property Coverage – Pays for damage, destruction, or theft of personal items such as appliances, clothing, furniture, etc. that results from a covered loss

Separate Structures – Coverage for separate structures not attached to home, such as a barn, garage, shed, fence, or other outbuildings on your property. This can get tricky, which is why you want guidance from AmeriFirst Insurance to make sure your homeowners policy provides coverage for the cost of rebuilding or repairing these structures.

There! That’s it! We’re done. You may leave the table now.